Optcom talks

Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
HFA Optimization for Nyquist WDM Transmission OFC March, 2015 Vittorio Curri Invited paper File W4E.4_OFC2015.ppsx
Hybrid Raman/Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers: a Promising Technology for Multi-Terabit Systems NFOEC August, 2000 Vittorio Curri Seminar PDF icon nfoec2000_seminario_RA.pdf
Identifying and unlocking topological bottlenecks using SNAP and SDM solutions ICTON July, 2017 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper File icton_2017_We.C3.5.ppsx
Il Guadagno Parametrico nella Fibra e i suoi Effetti sul Rumore ASE Fotonica May, 1997 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon poster_pg.pdf
Impact of electronic equalization on advanced modulation formats in dispersion-limited systems ECOC September, 2004 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon curri_ECOC2004.pdf
Impact of Fiber Non-Linearities on Probabilistic Shaping in Long-Haul Optical Systems Symposium on Challenges to Achieving Capacity in Nonlinear Optical Networks June, 2018 Dario Pilori Invited PDF icon slides.pdf
Impact of Fiber Type and Raman Pumping in NyWDM Flexible-grid Elastic Optical Networks ICTON July, 2016 Vittorio Curri Invited paper File TuB33_ICTON2016.ppsx
Impact of Fiber Types and Raman Pumping in Reconfigurable DWDM Transparent Optical Networks ECOC September, 2015 Vittorio Curri Poster File P605_ECOC2015.ppsx
Impact of finite-resolution DAC and ADC onprobabilistically-shaped QAM constellations IPC October, 2017 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon ipc2017-bosco-WH1.pdf
Impact of Low-OSNR Operation on the Performance of Advanced Coherent Optical Transmission Systems ECOC September, 2014 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon ASE_v5.pdf
Impact of the Transmitted Signal Initial Dispersion Transient on the Accuracy of the GN-Model of Non-Linear Propagation ECOC September, 2013 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon IDT_v3.pdf
Impact of the Transmitter IQ-Skew in Multi-Subcarrier Coherent Optical Systems OFC March, 2016 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2016_ofc_bosco-W4A.5.pdf
Impatto della PDl degli interferometri sulle prestazioni di DPSK e PolSK Fotonica May, 2007 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon FOTONICA2007_PDlambda.pdf
Implementation of MLSE equalizer in OptSim and evaluation of its performance STREON October, 2005 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon STREON_27-28ott_ver04.pdf
Independence of the Impact of Inter-Channel Non-Linear Effects on Modulation Format and System Implications ECOC September, 2016 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon W1D3_v5.pdf
Introducing DSP-based Coherent Receivers for Wide-area Reference Frequency Distribution in Metrology Applications ECOC 2017 September, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon poster_metrology_final.pdf
Investigation on the Robustness of a Nyquist-WDM Terabit Superchannel to Transmitter and Receiver Non-Idealities ECOC September, 2010 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2010_ecoc_Tu.3.A.4_bosco.pdf
Joint DGD, PDL and Chromatic Dispersion Estimation in Ultra-Long-Haul WDM Transmission Experiments with Coherent Receivers ECOC September, 2010 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2010_ecoc_Th.10.A.2_bosco.pdf
Large Core Plastic Optical Fibers and Access Networks ECOC 2005 September, 2005 Roberto Gaudino workshop PDF icon ecoc_2005_ephotonworkshop.pdf
Latest results from the POF-ALL EU Project: Toward Improved Capacity over Large-Core Plastic Optical Fibers BroadBand Europe 2007 December, 2007 Roberto Gaudino Invited paper PDF icon pofall_bbeurope_2007.pdf