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Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
Parametric versus Non-Parametric Branch Metrics for MLSE–based Receivers with ADC and Clock Recovery OFC March, 2008 Gabriella Bosco Poster PDF icon CO-6914 Theo Final.pdf
Parametric Gain on Dispersion Compensated Fiber Links ICC June, 1998 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon slideicc98.pdf
Parametric Gain in WDM systems LEOS November, 1999 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper
Parametric Gain on Dispersion Compensated Fiber Links LEOS November, 1997 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon slide.pdf
Outage probability due to Stimulated Raman Scattering in GPON and TWDM-PON coexistence OFC 2014 March, 2014 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon raman_ofc_2014_presentation_final.pdf
Optimization of uncooled RSOA parameters in WDM reflective PONs based on self-coherent or direct detection OLT receivers ECOC 2012 September, 2012 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon presentation_ecoc_RSOA_ver_2.pdf
Optimization of self-coherent reflective PON to achieve a new record 42 dB ODN power budget after 100 km at 1.25 Gbps ECOC 2012 September, 2012 Roberto Gaudino Post-Deadline paper PDF icon presentation_postdeadline_ver_1.pdf
Optimization of DSP-based Nyquist-WDM PM-16QAM Transmitter ECOC September, 2012 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper File Tu4A5_ECOC2012.ppsx
Optimal Polarization Launch for Raman Depletion Minimization in GPON and TWDM-PON Coexistence OFC 2015 March, 2015 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon poster_ofc_2015_v1.pdf
Optical vs. electronic chromatic dispersion compensation in WDM coherent PM-QPSK systems at 111 Gbit/s OFC March, 2008 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon PosterOFC2008mod.pdf
Optical Communications: from the Smoke Signals to Gigabit Internet HONET-ICT December, 2015 Vittorio Curri Keynote speaker File talk_curri_keynote_speaker_plenary.ppsx
ON THE USE OF NRZ, RZ AND CSRZ MODULATION FORMATS FOR ULTRA-DENSE WDM AT 40 GBIT/S ECOC September, 2002 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon ecoc2002_presentation_mod_formats.pdf
On the accumulation of non-linear interference in multi-subcarrier systems ECOC September, 2017 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon W3E1_v4.pdf
Observing the Interaction of PMD with Generation of NLI in Uncompensated Amplified Optical Links OFC 2018 March, 2018 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon presentation_W1G4_OFC18.pdf
Nonlinear Propagation of 1 Tbps Superchannels based on 240 Gbps PM-16QAM subcarriers on PSCF with Hybrid Erbium/Raman Fiber Amplification ECOC September, 2010 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon P4.11_ECOC2010.pdf
Non-linearity modeling at ultra-high symbol rates OFC 2018 March, 2018 Pierluigi Poggiolini Regular Paper PDF icon 2018_OFC_Poggiolini_WG1p3_web.pdf
Non-linearity Modeling at Ultra-high Symbol Rates ECOC 2018 September, 2018 Mahdi Ranjbarzefreh Regular Paper PDF icon 2018_ECOC_Tu4Gp3_WEB.pdf
Non-linearity Compensation Limits in Optical Systems with Coherent Receivers SPPCom June, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2012_sppcom_SpW3B6_bosco.pdf
Non-Linear Propagation Limits and Optimal Dispersion Map for 222 Gbit/s WDM Coherent PM-16QAM transmission ECOC September, 2009 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon P4.11_ECOC2009.pdf