Optcom talks

Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
The Impact of Polarization Mode Dispersion: Optical Duobinary vs. NRZ Transmission LEOS November, 2002 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2002_leos_WY3.pdf
The Italian research project ROAD-NGN ‘Optical frequency/wavelength division multiple access techniques for next generation networks’ FOTONICA 2013 May, 2013 Roberto Gaudino Invited paper PDF icon cincotti_ROADNGN_FOTONICA2013.pdf
The WONDER Testbed: Architecture and Experimental Demonstration ECOC 2007 September, 2007 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon wonder_poster_ecoc2007_rev3.pdf
Theoretical and Experimental Results on Transmission Penalty Due to Fiber Parametric Gain in Normal Dispersion OFC February, 1998 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon slide_OFC_1998.pdf
Time-Division Hybrid Modulation Formats: Tx Operation Strategies and Countermeasures to Nonlinear Propagation OFC March, 2014 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon Tu3A2_OFC2014.pdf
Toward 20 Gbps upstream FDMA-PON real-time and low-speed DSP demonstrator OFC 2014 March, 2014 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon Poster_Fabulous_DEF.pdf
Transmission for up to 4x96 LTE radio waveforms ECOC 2016 September, 2016 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon Poster_ECOC_fronthauling.pdf
TWDM-PON-compatible 10 Gbps Burst-mode coherent reflective ONU achieving 31 dB ODN loss using DFB lasers ECOC 2014 September, 2014 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon ECOC2014_reflective_PON_poster.pdf
Ultra-Long-Haul Transmission of 16x112 Gb/s Spectrally-Engineered DAC-Generated Nyquist-WDM PM-16QAM Channels with 1.05x(Symbol-Rate) Frequency Spacing OFC March, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2012_ofc_OTh3A3_bosco.pdf
Un Simulatore di Sistemi di Trasmissione in Fibra Ottica in Ambiente TOPSIM Fotonica May, 1997 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon poster_sim.pdf
Unbundling in Passive Optical Networks Brainstorming from the Italian Project ROAD-NGN FOTONICA 2014 May, 2014 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon presentazione_fotonica_unbundling_ver_final.pdf
Up to 4x192 LTE-A Radio Waveforms Transmission in a Point to Multipoint architecture for Massive Fronthauling Solutions FOTONICA 2017 May, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon invited_paper_FOTONICA_2017_fronthauling_version_3.pdf
Using OptSim for teaching optical communications: a virtual lab experience STREON October, 2005 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon STREON2005_OPTSIM.pdf