Optcom talks

Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
Best optical filtering for duobinary transmission In ASE noise limited optical systems SUBOPTIC March, 2004 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon Duobinary_PosterSUBOPTIC2004.pdf
Bidirectional 4-PAM to Double Per-Fiber Capacity in 2-km Intra-Datacenter Links IPC 2018 October, 2018 Dario Pilori Regular Paper PDF icon IPC2018_Bidirectional_V3_FINAL.pdf
Bidirectional PAM-4 Experimental Proof-of-Concept to Double Capacity per Fiber in 2-km Data Center Links ECOC 2017 September, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon poster_ECOC_bidirectional_v2.pdf
Bit-rate maximization for elastic transponders operating in WDM uncompensated amplified links OFC March, 2016 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon Th2A.45_OFC2016.pdf
Channel Coding for Optical Communications Tyrrhenian Workshop October, 2004 Gabriella Bosco Invited paper PDF icon 2004_Tyrrhenian Workshop - FEC invited.pdf
Codifica 8B10B per migliorare le prestazioni di un trasmettitore CPFSK a modulazione diretta Fotonica May, 2007 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon FOTONICA2007_CPFSK.pdf
Coherent polarization-multiplexed formats: receiver requirements and mitigation of fiber non-linear effects ECOC September, 2010 Andrea Carena Invited paper PDF icon Mo2C1.pdf
Coherent Reflective PON architecture: can it be made compatible with TWDM-PON? ECOC 2013 March, 2013 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon ecoc_2013_gaudino_presentation_final.pdf
Comparing Networking Benefits of Digital Back-Propagation vs. Lightpath Regeneration ECOC September, 2016 Mattia Cantono Regular Paper File 04_Cantono_0.ppsx
Comparison between different configurations of Hybrid Raman/Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers OFC March, 2001 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon curri_paper_TuA3.PDF
Considering physical constraints in WDM networks ONDM February, 2005 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon curri_ondm2005.pdf
Considering transmission impairments in RWA algorithms STREON October, 2005 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon STREON2005_adonis.pdf
Data-Rate Figure of Merit for Physical Layer in Fixed-Grid Reconfigurable Optical Networks OFC March, 2016 Mattia Cantono Regular Paper PDF icon ofc_2106_SNAP.pdf
Demonstration of a Partially Integrated Silicon Photonics ONU in a Self-Coherent Reflective FDMA PON ECOC 2016 September, 2016 Roberto Gaudino Post-Deadline paper PDF icon ECOC PDP Fabulous_v_final.pdf
Demonstration of Coherent Detection of Ultra-Dense WDM (6.25 GHz spacing) 2-PSK 2.5 Gbit/s signals ECOC 2004 September, 2004 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon Poster_ecoc_2004_opll.pdf
Demonstration of upstream WDM+FDMA PON and real time implementation on an FPGA platform ECOC 2015 September, 2015 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon ECOC2015_Fabulous_presentation_final.pdf
Design Rules for Reach Maximization in Uncompensated Nyquist-WDM Links ECOC September, 2013 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper File Th1D1_ECOC2013.ppsx
Digital Signal Processing for FDMA-PON: Evaluation of Processing Complexity of Three Different Architectures FOTONICA 2015 March, 2015 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon FOTONICA2015_Paper_B5.3_v16.pdf
Digital Signal Processing Techniques for High-Speed Optical Communications Links PhD Defense March, 2019 Dario Pilori PhD Defense PDF icon PHD_defense.pdf
Dimensioning the Physical Layer of DSP-Based Radio Waveforms Aggregation for Fronthauling FOTONICA 2016 May, 2016 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon FOTONICA_2016_fronthauling_gaudino.pdf