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Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
Simulation analysis of the physical layer in next generation all-optical networks NFOEC September, 2002 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon nfoec2002_network.pdf
Simulation-assisted analysis of physical layer in design and management of next generation re-configurable all-optical networks OFC March, 2002 Vittorio Curri workshop File ofc2002_workshop.ppsx
Simulation-assisted design of future optical communication systems OFC March, 2001 Vittorio Curri workshop File ofc2001_workshop_final.ppsx
SNAP-Driven Updates of Physical Layer to Improve Performances of Photonic Networks Fotonica May, 2017 Alessio Ferrari Poster PDF icon Poster_SNAP_v02.pdf
Soft decoding in optical systems: Turbo Product Codes vs. LDPC Codes Tyrrhenian Workshop October, 2004 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2004_Tyrrhenian Workshop - FEC.pdf
Spectral Shaping in Ultra-Dense WDM Systems: Optical vs. Electrical Approaches OFC March, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Invited paper PDF icon 2012_ofc_OM3H1_bosco.pdf
Spectrally Efficient Transmission: a Comparison between Nyquist-WDM and CO-OFDM Approaches SPPCom June, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Invited paper PDF icon 2012_sppcom_SpW3B1_bosco.pdf
Statistical Characterization of PM-QPSK Signals after Propagation in Uncompensated Fiber Links ECOC September, 2010 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon Poster_SignalStatistic_final.pdf
Status and recent results from the POF-ALL EU project: large-core plastic fibers for low cost, high-speed short reach applications ECOC 2007 September, 2007 Roberto Gaudino Invited paper PDF icon invited_pofall_ecoc_2007.pdf
Street-aware Algorithm for Optimal dimensioning of protected-PON in very large regions FOTONICA 2017 September, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Regular Paper PDF icon Presentation_Fotonica_2017_gaudino_arevalo.pdf
Studio sperimentale dell’impatto di ridotte spaziature inter-canale sulla trasmissione di un super-canale a 1Terabit/s Fotonica May, 2011 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2010_fotonica_A23.pdf
Suppression of Spurious Tones in Fiber System Simulations based on the Split-Step Method LEOS November, 1999 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon leos99_lucidi_fwm.pdf
SYSTEM ADVANTAGES OF RAMAN AMPLIFIERS NFOEC August, 2000 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon nfoec_2000_RA_final.pdf
System impact of EDFA gain fluctuation in WDM optical packet networks OFC March, 2002 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon OFCGainLocking.pdf
System Impact of Parametric Gain: a Novel Method for the BER Evaluation ICC June, 2000 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2000_icc.pdf
System impact of Sideband Instability LEOS December, 1998 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon slide.pdf
Tecnologie di comunicazione Visionary days 2017 November, 2017 Vittorio Curri Presentation PDF icon Curri presentazione ufficiale.pdf
The LOGON Strategy for Low-Complexity Control Plane Implementation in New-Generation Flexible Networks OFC March, 2013 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2013_ofc_OW1H.3_bosco_v05.pdf
THE IMPACT OF POLARIZATION MODE DISPERSION (PMD) ON OPTICAL DUOBINARY TRANSMISSION ECOC September, 2002 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon ecoc2002_presentation_pmd.pdf