Optcom talks

Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
HFA Optimization for Nyquist WDM Transmission OFC March, 2015 Vittorio Curri Invited paper File W4E.4_OFC2015.ppsx
Optical vs. electronic chromatic dispersion compensation in WDM coherent PM-QPSK systems at 111 Gbit/s OFC March, 2008 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon PosterOFC2008mod.pdf
Simulation-assisted design of future optical communication systems OFC March, 2001 Vittorio Curri workshop File ofc2001_workshop_final.ppsx
Time-Division Hybrid Modulation Formats: Tx Operation Strategies and Countermeasures to Nonlinear Propagation OFC March, 2014 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon Tu3A2_OFC2014.pdf
Ultra-Long-Haul Transmission of 16x112 Gb/s Spectrally-Engineered DAC-Generated Nyquist-WDM PM-16QAM Channels with 1.05x(Symbol-Rate) Frequency Spacing OFC March, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2012_ofc_OTh3A3_bosco.pdf
Simulation-assisted analysis of physical layer in design and management of next generation re-configurable all-optical networks OFC March, 2002 Vittorio Curri workshop File ofc2002_workshop.ppsx
Spectral Shaping in Ultra-Dense WDM Systems: Optical vs. Electrical Approaches OFC March, 2012 Gabriella Bosco Invited paper PDF icon 2012_ofc_OM3H1_bosco.pdf
A novel model of Cross Phase Modulation in WDM optical systems OFC March, 2004 Andrea Carena Regular Paper
Effectiveness of Digital Back-Propagation and Symbol-Rate Optimization in Coherent WDM Optical Systems OFC March, 2016 Andrea Carena Regular Paper PDF icon Th3D2.pdf
Impact of the Transmitter IQ-Skew in Multi-Subcarrier Coherent Optical Systems OFC March, 2016 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2016_ofc_bosco-W4A.5.pdf
Parametric versus Non-Parametric Branch Metrics for MLSE–based Receivers with ADC and Clock Recovery OFC March, 2008 Gabriella Bosco Poster PDF icon CO-6914 Theo Final.pdf
Performance and Complexity Comparison of CPE Algorithms for 256-QAM Optical Signals OFC March, 2015 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon 2015_ofc_bosco-W1E.6.pdf