Optcom talks

Title Event Date Speaker Type Download Video
Comparison between different configurations of Hybrid Raman/Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers OFC March, 2001 Vittorio Curri Regular Paper PDF icon curri_paper_TuA3.PDF
Quality of Transmission Estimator Enabling the Transparency Paradigm in Legacy IMDD Networks ICTON 2018 July, 2018 Emanuele Virgillito Regular Paper PDF icon Quality of transmission estimator enabling transparency paradigm in.pdf
Real Time Monitoring of the Impact of Cascaded Wavelength Selective Switches in Digital Coherent Receivers CLEO May, 2020 Gabriella Bosco Regular Paper PDF icon CLEO 2020 - Paper SW3L.2.pdf
Non-linearity Modeling at Ultra-high Symbol Rates ECOC 2018 September, 2018 Mahdi Ranjbarzefreh Regular Paper PDF icon 2018_ECOC_Tu4Gp3_WEB.pdf
Bidirectional 4-PAM to Double Per-Fiber Capacity in 2-km Intra-Datacenter Links IPC 2018 October, 2018 Dario Pilori Regular Paper PDF icon IPC2018_Bidirectional_V3_FINAL.pdf
Photonic Communication Technologies: Enabling the Zettabyte Internet Texas Photonic Center March, 2017 Mattia Cantono Seminar PDF icon Cantono_Mattia_seminar_photonics_center1.pdf
Hybrid Raman/Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers: a Promising Technology for Multi-Terabit Systems NFOEC August, 2000 Vittorio Curri Seminar PDF icon nfoec2000_seminario_RA.pdf
Optical Communications: from the Smoke Signals to Gigabit Internet HONET-ICT December, 2015 Vittorio Curri Keynote speaker File talk_curri_keynote_speaker_plenary.ppsx
Non-Linear Propagation Limits and Optimal Dispersion Map for 222 Gbit/s WDM Coherent PM-16QAM transmission ECOC September, 2009 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon P4.11_ECOC2009.pdf
Introducing DSP-based Coherent Receivers for Wide-area Reference Frequency Distribution in Metrology Applications ECOC 2017 September, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon poster_metrology_final.pdf
Un Simulatore di Sistemi di Trasmissione in Fibra Ottica in Ambiente TOPSIM Fotonica May, 1997 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon poster_sim.pdf
Bidirectional PAM-4 Experimental Proof-of-Concept to Double Capacity per Fiber in 2-km Data Center Links ECOC 2017 September, 2017 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon poster_ECOC_bidirectional_v2.pdf
Impact of electronic equalization on advanced modulation formats in dispersion-limited systems ECOC September, 2004 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon curri_ECOC2004.pdf
Linewidth-tolerant Feed-forward Dual-stage CPE Algorithm Based on 64-QAM Constellation Partitioning ECOC September, 2014 Gabriella Bosco Poster PDF icon 2014_ecoc_Poster1.pdf
Optimal Polarization Launch for Raman Depletion Minimization in GPON and TWDM-PON Coexistence OFC 2015 March, 2015 Roberto Gaudino Poster PDF icon poster_ofc_2015_v1.pdf
Statistical Characterization of PM-QPSK Signals after Propagation in Uncompensated Fiber Links ECOC September, 2010 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon Poster_SignalStatistic_final.pdf
Performance and Complexity Comparison of Carrier Phase Estimation Algorithms for DP-64-QAM Optical Signals ECOC September, 2014 Gabriella Bosco Poster PDF icon 2014_ecoc_Poster2.pdf
A novel PolSK Transceiver Based on Differential Demodulation: Assessment of Performance OFC March, 2006 Andrea Carena Poster PDF icon POLSK_TOSCA_PosterOFC2006.pdf
Bit-rate maximization for elastic transponders operating in WDM uncompensated amplified links OFC March, 2016 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon Th2A.45_OFC2016.pdf
THE IMPACT OF POLARIZATION MODE DISPERSION (PMD) ON OPTICAL DUOBINARY TRANSMISSION ECOC September, 2002 Vittorio Curri Poster PDF icon ecoc2002_presentation_pmd.pdf